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 Wholesale Tanning Pricelist

All prices below are approximations and are subject to change. Contact us for anything not on the pricelist 

Due to factors outside of our control that can affect the skin before it comes to the tannery, all skins are tanned at your own risk.

Turnaround Times

Deer, antelope, sheep, goat, all small game: 4 months 
Bear, mountain lions, elk, alpaca etc: 6 months 
Bison, moose, most African exotics: 8 months 
Cows and water buffalo or extra thick exotics: 1 year 

Our turnaround philosophy is based on getting you the skins for your bread-and-butter mounts as quickly as possible. Our turnaround times are approximate and on large orders you can often start getting back partial orders fulfillment (15-20 deer capes for example) within 1-2 months so you can start working on those mounts right away.
We also offer a 40 day guaranteed rush tan at 50% extra charge. 

How Payments Work

We do not require deposits from established taxidermist or wholesale customers. You will get an acknowledgement form upon receipt of the skins with the number and type of skins and the approximate cost projected. Full payment is due upon completion of the order. Large orders may be fulfilled in different batches and shipped out or delivered in these partial batches, allowing a steady stream of finished capes for your business. In that case, the partial payment corresponding to the skins in the part of the order that is finished is due upon completion of that part of the order. 

Orders that are not fully paid within 30 days of notification of completion will be surcharged a 10% monthly interest rate, unless other arrangements are made directly with the tannery. 

Pricelist note: 

There are 3 tanning cost brackets for wholesale prices, based on the number of pieces in an order. These brackets do not take into account the species, just the overall number of skins in an order. For example, 10 deer capes and 5 bears and 10 bobcat skins would constitute an order of 25 pieces and would land you in the second price bracket. We do not require you to accumulate skins and bring us the full order all at once- if you are an established or repeat customer you can send us small orders of just a few pieces and still take advantage of our lower price brackets as long as the number of pieces you send us over the season falls within that price bracket. 

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to call us!  

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