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We accept to receive skins through shipping but please call us to verify the best shipping practice for your particular skin and also so that we can expect and promptly process your skin upon receiving it, especially if frozen.


Always ship on Mondays and make sure to stay aware of holiday dates that might delay your package!

We can also ship finished skins back to you at your request. We charge 5$ handling fee per box + shipping cost and we always try to pack your order as concisely as possible to lower your shipping cost. You will receive a tracking number 

General Shipping Tips

Salted & dried skins:   Fold the skins so they take up less space. Make sure to bag the skins properly so that salt will not leak out of the box. Dried and salted skins need to be tagged with an identifier number before they are sent to us, and the type of tan required (soft tan, wet tan, or dry tan) needs to be written on the plastic tag with a chemical/water resistant marker!)

See picture of approved tags below: these tags we have found do not detach during the tanning process. 





Frozen skins:  Double bag frozen skins with heavy contractor garbage bags so they don't leak as they thaw during shipping. Make sure claws and sharp pieces don't poke holes through the bag. 

Wrap a tag around the bag or tape a piece of paper to bag with the type of tan required (soft tan, wet tan, or dry tan!!

Packing some mineral wool around your hide will keep it frozen longer- especially important for smaller hides that will thaw quickly. You can also add packs of dry ice to the package. 


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We are located a little south of Roseburg, OR and are available to receive skins by appointment only. Generally, we accept dropoffs between 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday but always call to schedule before dropping your skin off. 

We also offer tannery delivery services.  Once every 1-2 months we make a delivery trip from Roseburg, OR up to Clackamas, OR, near Portland. We pickup any frozen skins you want to have tanned and can also pickup smaller size salted or dried skins. Please make sure frozen or salted/dried hides are contained within a sturdy bag or container. We also deliver at the same time any finished skins if the customer opts for that option.


On the day of the delivery trip, we usually are available in Clackamas at 10724 SE Highway 212 for 2-3 hrs. We are available to make stops to meet customers along the I-5 corridor. Common meeting points include the Woodburn exit, Salem exit, and Springfield exit. 

We currently charge a 5$ fee for each pickup or dropoff on the delivery route (per customer order, not per skin) to cover gas expanses.


Delivery dates and times vary depending on the tanner's schedule!

Email or call us to request to be put on our pickup list. Everyone on the pickup list will receive a phone call or text 4-5 days in advance of the delivery trip date to notify them of date and time.

Pickups, Dropoffs, & Delivery


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