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Choose your Tan

Soft Tan

This is our go-to tan for all furs, wall-hangers, pelts, rugs, and flat hides. The leather side is kept slightly thicker than a taxidermy tan for added durability. This alum-based tan is double-oiled, softened, tumbled, and stretched multiple times resulting in an unparalleled buttery beige leather and soft, shiny and fluffy hair. 

Not recommended for anything that will be mounted- see taxidermy tans below. 


Taxidermy Wet Tan

Our wet tan is the heart of the wholesale tanning side of Angelo's Tannery. It combines the most modern pickling and tanning techniques with years of shaving experience on all types of species to achieve outstanding stretch, smoothness, durability, and a skin that is a joy to mount. We offer wet tanning for capes and lifesize skins of all species even large ones like cow or bison. Our recipe is drawn from formulas and knowledge acquired over travels and trainings at long-established tanneries including New Method, Absaroka Tannery, and Carolina Fur Dressing.  Each skin is triple-shaved to ensure maximum stretch and tumbled in sawdust and caged to clean and condition the hair. 

Taxidermy Dry Tan


Whether you are short on freezer space or prefer to work with rehydrated dry tans, we offer a taxidermy dry tan that is tailored for easy rehydration, softness and stretch. Taxidermy dry tans get a similar treatment as our soft tan but the skins are shaved for added stretch with the taxidermist in mind. 

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