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 Custom Tanning Pricelist

All prices below are approximations and open to negotiation. Every skin is different and we encourage you to call us directly to get a specific quote for your project.

Due to factors outside of our control that can affect the skin before it comes to the tannery, all skins are tanned at your own risk.

How Payments Work

Generally, an approximately 50% deposit is required when we receive the skin and the balance is due at the end of the tanning process. We accept payments through cash, checks, credit cards (in-person only),Venmo & Paypal. 

We offer a 4% discount for payments made using cash (both the deposit and the balance on an order have to be paid cash for discount to apply) 

Orders that are not fully paid within 30 days of notification of completion will be surcharged a 10% monthly interest rate, unless other arrangements are made directly with the tannery. Orders that are not paid or picked up after 1 year will become the property of the tannery and be sold. 

Pricelist note: 

Flat hides denote skins that include the back skin, bottom of the neck and occasionally the tail of the animal. They may also include the first half of the legs. Flat hides do not include head, ears, or paws/hooves and are meant to lay flat as rugs or hung on a wall or on a bed or over a bannister or chair. Examples include: elk hides, bison rugs, sheepskins, goatskins, etc.

Cape denote a skin that is meant for a taxidermy shoulder mount. This skin includes the head, shoulders, brisket and occasionally part of the legs or upper back.

Lifesize denotes 
the entire skin of the animal, including head, paws or hooves, tail. Usually a lifesize skin is meant for a full body taxidermy mount or a full rug with paws 

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