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About Us

    At Angelo's Tannery, we strive to honor each part of the animal by carrying the ancient tradition of tanning into the modern world. From nature to your living room, we pair skilled artisan work with gentle ingredients such as alum, fats and bark extracts to create durable, beautiful, and natural products that you can enjoy for decades and pass on to the next generation. 

Quality & Craftsmanship

We believe no project is too small or too large to accomplish with the highest quality! From squirrels to bison and everything in between, our tanners and shavers have experience working with the unique characteristics of nearly every type of animal. We take on individual custom projects as well as bulk orders from taxidermists or trappers.


Our tannery incorporates equipment and training from 4 different tanneries that together held over 250 years of combined tanning experience: Angelo's Tannery (formerly in Clackamas OR), Absaroka Tannery (closed, formerly in Dubois WY), New Method Co. (closed, formerly in San Fransisco, CA), and Carolina Fur Dressing (closed, formerly in Raleigh, NC). 

Our Promise

We promise to treat each of the skins you entrust to our tannery with the utmost individualized and professional care and respect. We commit to continually pushing the boundaries of the tanning craft into new heights of craftsmanship, quality & sustainability 

We promise to always put prompt communication and customer service first! Due to the factors beyond our control that can affect a hide before it arrives at our tannery, each skin you send us is tanned at your own risk.  However, on the rare occasions that something does not go as planned, we will always maintain an open communication line with you. 

We love the work that we do and we consider it a privilege every day to collaborate with our customers in honoring the central role that animals and nature plays in our lives. 



   The tannery is located on a 700 acre highly biodiverse ranch in the hills near Roseburg, Oregon. The ranch is also home to a self-sustainable organically managed farm, and a sustainably managed forestry operation, as well as healthy populations of deer, elk, black bear, cougars, bobcats, coyotes, and many other species.


Part of the tannery work involves processing the sheep and Scottish Highland cow hides that are a product of the ranch operation. You can find these hides for sale in our shop section.

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