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Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!  Located in Roseburg, OR, with pickup locations in Clackamas and Eugene, Angelo's Tannery is a family business dedicated to creating top-quality soft furs, flat hides, and capes for our customers. We carry on a tradition of Old-World Greek tanning techniques that leave no impact on  the environment and create a beautiful, soft and stretchy tan. Contact us to experience it for yourself!


Our Services

Custom Individual Tanning

We offer individualized hair-on tanning, fleshing, and skinning services directly to hunters, ranchers, & any individual who wants to preserve memories and put every part of the animal to good use.   Call us or read the prep instructions before your next hunt or butchering date for best results. 


Wholesale Tanning

Our industry level tan has served taxidermist businesses in Oregon and across the country for over 30 years. In 2022, our head tanner trained at Carolina Fur Dressing Co. and incorporated their industry leading techniques and equipment into our taxidermy wet and dry tan. We pride ourselves on communication and customer service and will always work closely with you to ensure your business thrives. We offer turnaround as quick as 2 months on deer capes and smaller mounts.  Visit our wholesale pricelist here.

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“I’ve used many tanneries over the years and I couldn’t be more happy with how Jacob has treated me. From the very start his communication, customer service and quality of tan served my business well. As a business owner, I wouldn’t hesitate to send your valued customers skins to this tannery. You’ll get back an industry standard of tan with exceptional stretch and minimal shrinking. Thanks for the great service and extension of my business.” 


- Tejay Elliot, Trapline Taxidermy


Photo credit: Trapline Taxidermy

Ready to send us your skins? 

Step 1
Skin Prep

Step 2
Choose your Tan

Step 3

Step 4
Delivery & Shipping

We deliver & pickup hides monthly on the I-5 corridor: Roseburg <-> Portland.
Call us at 503-655-2886 for more information on our next pickup. 

We look forward to serving you!

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